Legal Expert job (chinese/japanese speaker) - F/H

Hyperlex is hiring!


Hyperlex is a legaltech start-up that reinvents the management and analysis of contracts through Machine Learning !

Our online solution simplifies the daily work of legal professionals while helping them to increase their performance. Our ambition? To assist legal departments in their digital transformation by reducing their costs and enhancing their growth.

Hyperlex is looking for a Legal Expert to join the team (Chinese/Japanese speaker).

This position is for YOU if you love new technologies, foreign languages and law. If you get up every morning with the ambition to change the world, you are definitely the right person!

Hyperlex simplifies the analysis and management of contracts thanks to a new generation SaaS that allows for easy, quick and automatic management of the entire lifecycle of a contract. We offer a cloud-based tool for various contract stakeholders (lawyers, buyers, financiers...) to enable companies an optimized exploitation of their contracts: they have online access to a platform, that helps them to manage their contracts with the help of artificial intelligence.

Our mission is to support the digital transformation of companies with a solution that allows them to draft, store, negotiate and analyze contracts.

Job Description

Our Legal Experts are law students or young graduates who are looking for an accelerated learning experience by analyzing large data volumes and a wide variety of contracts. The tasks of the Legal Expert consist of successive temporary assignments.

We have two needs at Hyperlex :

  • On the one hand, we have a constant need to improve our artificial intelligence. Identification of dates, context, tables, signatures... are all missions that we focus on.
  • On the other hand, as part of the implementation of our software, we apply the transfer of our clients' historical contracts into the Hyperlex solution.

By agreeing to assist Hyperlex, the Legal Expert helps us to identify key information in the contracts that are monitored by our clients: Date, clauses, etc.

Preferred Experience

We are a talented team with a passion for developing SaaS solutions for professionals. Our values: we truly enjoy working as a team; we always strive for the highest level of technical quality and seek continuous improvement on a daily basis.

Researched profile

  • Proficiency in Chinese or Japanese law
  • A minimum of 4 years of higher education in private law
  • The wish to immerse oneself in a dynamic and unknown world
  • Know-how to analyze a contract
  • Ability to follow simple instructions and ask questions when things are not clear

Additional information
Type of contract: Freelance
Start Date: October 1st, 2022
Location: Paris, France (75009)
Level of education: 4 years of higher education
Experience : < 6 months
Full remote possible

Recruitment Process

Please send us your CV or linkedin profile link as well as examples of your experiences that show your talents. We will then organize a call to know you better, then you will meet the team, (1-2 interviews) and that’s it!

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Freelance
  • Start Date: 02 October 2022
  • Location: Paris, France (75009)
  • Education Level: Fourth-Year University Level
  • Experience: < 6 months
  • Possible full remote